2019 Races

Photo Clint Austin

Photo Clint Austin

Le Grand Du Nord

Saturday, May 25, 2019.

Thank you for riding Le Grand du Nord!

Heck Epic

Saturday July 20 - 21, 2019

Registration is now closed. We have reached our 100 rider limit.

Heck of the North

September 28, 2019

Registration is closed. Our waitlist is completed,as well. Please consider volunteering at https://www.heckofthenorth.com/support-team Thanks!

The Flight

Our three event challenge package includes Le Grand du Nord 100, The Heck Epic, and The Heck of the North 100. More information here. Good Luck!

our mission

Heck of the North Productions will produce the highest quality adventure cycling events by providing beautifully challenging courses, fostering passion for cycling culture via artistic and philanthropic endeavors and promoting strong community and business partnerships.

Our Sponsors

We are very proud of our sponsors for creating great product and helping to make our events even better. Please consider them as you pursue your gravel cycling adventures. Thank you SPONSORS!