Passion for gravel cycling


In the Spring of 2009, I rode the Ragnarok and the Almanzo 100.


Still covered in rural Rochester dust and sweat on the way home to Duluth, I resolved to create something just as amazing in northern Minnesota. So started the many mornings before work poring over county maps. I made countless sorties up rutted, dead-end roads.  After a long and wonderful search process, I pieced together the gravel framework that would become "The Heck.” 

Our family has now created three events that share one thing in common; it has to have that Heck FEEL. My goal for every rider is that they leave for home feeling a sense of accomplishment, wonder, and sense of community with other riders and this beautiful part of the world. 

I will strive to continue to produce creative, challenging, and beautiful routes on the North Shore. We are proud of our connections to the landscape and the people who call this country home. 

Gravel cycling means so much more than just cranking out miles of off-pavement miles. Please join us this season to be part of the adventure. 

Thank you

-Jeremy Kershaw