Le grand du nord - all races

EVENT DATE: SATURDAY, May 26th, 2018

START TIME: 8:00 AM for All Races 



Coast Guard parking lot




Voyageur Brewing Company, 233 West Hwy 61 Grand Marais




120 Mile checkpoint #1: Mile 58 | 120 Mile checkpoint #2: Mile 87

60 Mile checkpoint: 26



All Heck of the North Production events (Le Grand du Nord, The Heck Epic and The Heck of the North) are self-supported. This means very limited assistance from Heck of the North volunteers, no/very limited signage enroute and navigation via cue cards (provided by Le Grand du Nord staff.) See our info about cue cards here. Don’t necessarily trust the fast people- they are usually the first to miss a turn. Trust your cues and odometer.

These courses are remote and neither offer any other place to refuel (convenient store or gas station.) Plan accordingly! Riders are expected to have all the tools/supplies (tubes, lubes and wrenches) they might need to finish the ride. There will be food, water and toilets available for all riders at the checkpoints provided by Le Grand support volunteers. There is NO Le Grand du Nord sanctioned sag support if you breakdown (physically or mentally) so have a backup plan in place. We have limited volunteers at the checkpoints. In the event of an emergency CALL 911.

Outside support from teams, family, friends, sweeties or other is forbidden. Riders ARE allowed to assist other riders if they so choose (nutrition, water, tools, wrenching support, first aid, etc.) Prearranged support will mean disqualification and a public shaming TBD.

Please be civil, kind, and friendly to other riders, volunteers and the public. This is not the Tour de France- enjoy yourself, your neighbors and this beautiful part of the world! Lastly- please fo not litter your cue cards. Thanks for sticking to the rules.