All Heck of the North Production events (Le Grand du Nord, The Heck Epic, and The Heck of the North) stress self-supported riding ethics. Navigation for the Heck Epic will be via cue cards or gpx file- the choice is yours (for the Heck Epic only. We will supply gpx. files a week before the event and cue cards at MANDATORY meeting on July 19.) Get used to the way of gravel navigation. See our info about cue cards here. Don’t necessarily trust the fast people- they are usually the first to miss a turn. Trust your cues and odometer (and your GPX file for The Heck Epic.)

Riders are expected to have all the tools/supplies (tubes, lubes and wrenches) they might need to finish the ride. There will be food, water and toilets available for all riders at the checkpoints provided by Heck Epic support volunteers. There is NO Heck Epic sanctioned sag support if you breakdown (physically or mentally) so have a backup plan in place. We have limited volunteers at the checkpoints.

The Heck Epic is a timed event. All riders are expected to carry a minimum 10 mph average speed.

All riders are required to sleep outside on July 20 in Grand Marais. This means using the sleeping system you carry on your bike throughout the event (tent, bivy, hammock, etc.) Motels, cabins, pavilions, or other solid-roofed buildings are forbidden. Please adhere to the ethos of this event. 

Riders will not be required to bring supplies for cooking (pots, stove, etc.) Food will be available in either on-route businesses (taverns, small grocery store or Epic aid stations) or in Grand Marais. Riders will be responsible for their own Saturday supper in Grand Marais. A free pint of Voyageur Brewing Company's finest will be waiting if you are so inclined. There are some amazing food options in this small town! On Sunday, we will provide a hearty breakfast at the campground (coffee, ham & egg sandwiches, granola, milk, pastries) before you leave. 

Food/Aid Station Day 1: Mile 46 Restaurant and grocery store. Mile 80, Heck Epic Aid Station (water, PB & J, pickles, chips, Gatorade, bananas, cookies.) Mile 62, Water only at Ninemile Campground. 

Food/Aid Station Day 2: Mile 45, Trestle Inn Tavern and Grill (half mile off course). Mile 55, Heck Epic Aid Station (water, PB & J, pickles, chips, Gatorade, bananas, cookies.) Mile 104 Hugo's Bar and Convenient Store.  


Grand Marais will mark the halfway checkpoint and mandatory sleepover for the participants. Make sure you have your rig dialed in. Sleeping systems are required equipment on the bike for both days of the event (whatever it is you choose to spend the night out in Grand Marais…e.g. sleeping bag, tarp, ultra-light tent, bivy sac).

There is decent cell coverage, but as always, be prepared to cover your repairs and bail out plans independently. We will keep track of all riders at the end of each stage. In the event of an emergency CALL 911.

Outside support from teams, family, friends, sweeties or other is forbidden. Riders ARE allowed to assist other riders if they so choose (nutrition, water, tools, wrenching support, first aid, etc.) Prearranged support will mean disqualification and a public shaming TBD.

Please be civil, kind, and friendly to other riders, volunteers and the public. This is not the Tour de France- enjoy yourself, your neighbors and this beautiful part of the world! Lastly- please do not litter your cue cards. Thanks for sticking to the rules.


Heck Epic

EVENT DATE: SATURDAY, July 20-July 21, 2019



Two Harbors START & Finish LOCATION: 

Donald Ferguson Demonstration Forest Area

Please feel free to park your vehicle here for the weekend.



Grand Marais camping Location for racers: 

Grand Marais Campground and Marina