Heck epic


EVENT DATE: SATURDAY, july 20-21, 2019


Welcome to the Heck Epic

This year, racers will travel between the North Shore towns of Two Harbors and Grand Marais, Minnesota. White and Red pines, Black spruce bogs, boreal forest streams and miles of wild roads will define the scenery. The Heck Epic is a solid two day challenge. For those looking to try this unique style of racing for the first time, The Heck Epic will be a perfect test. For those who want to sharpen their skills for the Tour Divide, The Heck Epic will let you know where you stand in your preparation. For this course we recommend a fast 29er or monster cross (a gravel bike with at least 40 mm tires.) A bike such as the Salsa Fargo or Cutthroat is a fine example.

This is a timed event. Each day will have its own finish time. The lowest combined times from Day One and Two will be declared the winner. Riders are expected to maintain a 10 mph average.  

Day One, Saturday July 20: Riders depart from Two Harbors, MN on their way to Grand Marais, MN. Approximate distance 111 miles, mainly unpaved roads. All riders will sleep outside in Grand Marais on Saturday July 20.

Day Two, Sunday July 21: Riders will depart from Grand Marais back to Two Harbors. The route will be approximately 117 miles, mainly unpaved and also 80% different from Day One.

All riders will be required to carry and use their own sleep kit (e.g. tent, bivy, hammock, sleeping bag. Couples will still need to have their own set up.) All riders will be required to sleep outside (no hotel, motel, pavilion, building with solid roof-structure, etc.) Please see Event Info for more information. And please feel free to contact Jeremy Kershaw at jeremybkershaw@gmail.com with further questions.

Thanks for Riding the Good Line with us.