2019 Heck Epic Update

A particularly good section toward the end of Day 1. Enjoy!

A particularly good section toward the end of Day 1. Enjoy!

Here we go!

We scouted key sections of the 2019 Epic course yesterday. As always, one of my favorite activities in life. 2019’s course features some of my favorite parcours on the North Shore. Rolling, small roads. Red Pine lined two-track. And a few miles of rough stuff to keep people honest.

I will supply gpx files a week before the the start date. We will also mandate that racers carry a paper cue sheet, as well, supplied at the MANDATORY July 19 meeting. Regarding the meeting, we look forward to seeing you at Spokengear/Cedar Coffee in Two Harbors at 5 pm on Friday, July 19. We will discuss any updates to the route or event, answer questions and otherwise enjoy the company of a great group of people.

As to gear, bikes, what to bring…a few thoughts. By now, you should have your bikepacking rig pretty well dialed. I am a HUGE proponent of proper bike fit/comfort. It is the #1 concern for this style of riding (and frankly, just about any type of cycling.) The goal is to be comfortable for many miles. Any twinge, rub, or ache will only intensify as the hours/miles pass by. Seek the advice of an experienced rider/fitter for issues! Tires…I have settled on a 2.2 inch tire for most of my cross-country needs. A balance of speed (efficiency) and shock absorption. Yes, you could get away with riding a gravel width tire on this course…but you will regret that decision on many sections of this event. Fat tire? Well, also doable but really not necessary.

As always, riders are required to carry their OWN sleep system for the event. Some of you are riding with your partners. This is great! But the individual ethos still applies. Please observe these rules. Racers are allowed to assist other riders on course. But please come prepared (knowledge and gear) to take care of yourself during the event. I highly encourage participants to enjoy the company of others…that’s what this event is about. At the same time, The Heck Epic is about testing yourself and knowing that you have the ability to go it alone and thrive.

We will have aid stations on both Day 1 and Day 2. Day 1 will be at about mile 70 (the town of Finland at about mile 45 has cafe, grocery) with water and snacks. Day 2 will be located at about mile 56 (water and snacks.) At about mile 100 on Day 2, is a small tavern/convenient store for last minute needs before the finish.

Supper on Saturday, July 20 in Grand Marais is on you. I will set up a list of recommended places to eat with probably a discount or two, as well. There are many great choices and our camping location is within easy walking distance of this beautiful downtown.

Breakfast on Sunday morning will be at the campground pavilion. We will have an ample spread of coffee, breakfast sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and granola provided in large part by our friends at the Java Moose . I think you will be well fueled for the day. We will roll out by 0700 or as soon after as possible on Sunday, July 21.

Please email me (jeremybkershaw@gmail.com) with any last minute questions. Thanks for being part of the Heck Epic experience.

Ride the Good Line

Jeremy Kershaw