The Heck Epic

I am thrilled to introduce The Heck Epic. It is a race I have been dreaming about creating for many years. It will combine my passions for endurance cycling with that of bikepacking and camping. And it will take place in one of the most beautiful corners of the world.

The Heck Epic is a two day stage race from Two Harbors, MN. to Ely then back to Two Harbors. The route will be mainly gravel roads, some of them as remote as I have ever seen in the state. Racers will leave Two Harbors, MN on Saturday, August 22. The first stage will cover approximately 110 miles of amazing Northwoods country to Ely, MN. Riders will stop in Ely for the night and be required to camp using only the setup they have packed and carried with them. On Sunday, August 23, riders will head back to Two Harbors using another 110 mile route which will be equally beautiful and challenging. The fastest combined times of the two stages will mark the winner of the event. But all who participate will reap the rewards of back country travel.

The Heck Epic will be about self sufficiency. It will be about exploring new roads and trails by bike. The Heck Epic will be a challenge unlike any other in the country. And I know it will bring some of the greatest people together for two days of gravel/dirt cycling.

I hope to see you there. Stay tuned for registration details.


Jeremy Kershaw