Every year, I take it on as a personal challenge to make the Heck race course just a little bit better than the year before. More gravel. More trail. More breathtaking Northwoods scenery. I consider the Heck of the North course to be found art. And I don’t want to disappoint for 2014.

The major change is that we will be starting and finishing in historic downtown Two Harbors, right in front of the brand new Castle Danger Brewery. The course will wind its way northward as it connects to the classic Heck of the North Course of 2013. I am once again very excited about the new sections of gravel and trail that I am adding to the 2014 route!

I will finalize the course this Spring. Expect the course to be about 114 miles long. Approximately 75% gravel/dirt road, 8 miles of trail and as little pavement as needed to make it all come together.

Cue cards for the course will be available online this Summer.

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