Rider Support


All Heck of the North Production events stress self-supported riding ethics. What does self-supported mean these days? Here are a few points:

  • All riders will navigate via Le Grand provided cue cards. There is very very limited signage on course. Pay attention to your cue cards and cycling computer!
  • Riders are expected to have all the tools/supplies (tubes, lubes and wrenches) they might need to finish the ride.
  • Call 911 for all true emergency situations. Help to the best of your abilities.
  • There is NO Le Grand du Nord sanctioned sag support if you breakdown (physically or mentally.) Have a backup plan in place. We have limited volunteers at the checkpoints.
  • Riders may only take support from other riders during the event… or…from volunteers at the designated checkpoints. No crew, family, or team support allowed at any point during the event.
  • There will be limited food, water and toilets available for all riders at the checkpoints provided by Le Grand support volunteers
  • All riders are to use “Leave No Trace” ethics of litter/waste control during the event. DO NOT LITTER YOUR CUE CARDS! Please use discretion for nature breaks. DO NOT void/poop on private property/ someone’s mailbox!
  • Please be civil, kind, and downright friendly to other riders, volunteers and the public. This is not the Tour de France. Enjoy yourselves, our neighbors and this beautiful part of the world!
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