Cue Cards


Cue cards are the icon of gravel cycling. They are the make or break symbols of navigating the gravel hinterlands of the Northwoods. I take great pride in providing accurate, simple and beautiful cues for Le Grand du Nord riders. Please see our Cue Card Primer.

Cue cards will be available on Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28 at Packet Pickup. Our volunteers or I will be happy to go over the cards with you if you are new to navigating by these means. Really, it’s pretty simple. It’s usually the fast people who get lost. Just make sure you have a working cyclocomputer, zero it out at the start, and pay attention to the mileage cues on the cards.

No route information will be shared with any rider before that time. Pre-riding the designated Le Grand du Nord courses is not allowed.  Thanks for your understanding.


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