Route Descriptions


Le Grand du Nord’s 120 mile course is truly spectacular. Finally, I have the ability to bring climbing into a Heck Productions event! Riders will roll out of the stunning Grand Marais harbor and gradually climb to just within a stone’s throw of Canada over-looking the spectacular Pigeon River valley. From this mile 58 checkpoint, you will ride punchy rollers until finally heading into the HED Cycling checkpoint at mile 87. A bit more climbing and then finally some downhill again into Grand Marais. The 120 mile course is predominately gravel/US Forest Service road. There are no trail sections and limited pavement. It is a gravel rider’s paradise.

Le Grand’s 66 mile course will be equally beautiful and challenging. Riders will roll out of the harbor and climb through miles of beautiful mixed-boreal forests. The HED Cycling checkpoint will be at mile 47 for this course.  After a few more miles of climbing, Le Grand’s 66 miler eventually winds it way back toward Lake Superior. The 66 mile course is a great warmup/check-in for the start of your gravel riding season.

And new for 2018 is the 20 mile Le Grand. It is a great introduction to gravel cycling. The route is a mix of paved and gravel roads. Lake Superior shore riding with some challenging climbs will whet your appetite for future gravel cycling adventures.

All routes (120, 66 and 20) will use cue cards for navigation. (No GPX files will be used for participants.) Please see our Cue Card Primer page for instructions regarding classic gravel cycling navigation.

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