Le Grand du Nord’s 100 mile course is truly spectacular. Finally, I have the ability to bring climbing into a Heck event! Riders will roll out of the stunning Grand Marais harbor and gradually climb to just within a stone’s throw of Canada; perched on one of the most amazing ridge-line views on the North Shore. From this halfway checkpoint, you will ride punchy rollers until finally heading downhill again into Grand Marais. The 100 mile course is predominately gravel/US Forest Service road. There are no trail sections and limited pavement. It is a gravel rider’s paradise.

Le Grand’s 50 mile course will be equally beautiful and challenging. It will start with the 100 mile riders out of the harbor and climb through beautiful mixed-boreal forests until it meets the historic Gunflint Trail. On this road for just a few miles, the course once again picks up sweet gravel roads punching up and over wooded hills. Le Grand’s 50 then takes a dramatic plunge to sea level just before returning to Grand Marais. The 50 mile course is a great warmup/check-in for the start of your gravel riding season.

All Le Grand events run on the self-supported ethic of gravel riding. We will have limited food support at the halfway checkpoints. Cue cards for navigation will be available for riders the night/morning of the events.

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