100 mile and 50 mile Course Descriptions


Every year, I take it on as a personal challenge to make the Heck course just a little bit better than the year before. More gravel. More trail. More breathtaking Northwoods scenery. I consider the Heck of the North course to be found art.

We will be staying well north of Duluth this year. Say goodby to our old friends Seven Bridges Rd and Lester Park. Say hello to all new north-country gravel and two track. Yes, we will keep the best parts of our historic Heck routes. I am very happy to share these newly designed courses with you.

This year’s edition will see us starting and finishing at the Alger Grade parking lot 8 miles north of Two Harbors, or as I will call them briefly, “The Heck Gravel Pit.” This location has proven itself to be a fantastic way to enter the heart of the Heck courses. It will be rugged, beautiful and challenging right from the start line. Both The Heck of the North 100 and the Heck 50 will be starting and finishing at this location.

The Heck of the North course is about 105 miles. The shorter course is 56 miles. The 105 mile course is primarily amazing gravel road. Some ATV and snowmobile trails, a couple of rough and rocky logging roads. And a stream crossing with 10 miles to go will keep you challenged throughout the day. I use as little pavement as necessary to tie it all together. The 56 mile course is very similar in its composition to its longer relative, minus the snowmobile trail sections and stream crossing. Both are challenging! Both might have you wishing for fatter tires at times. They are unlike any gravel event I know or have ridden. They are both very Heck of the North!

Cue cards for the course will be available at Packet Pickup on Friday September 28 and Saturday, September 39, 2018.

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