Rider Support during the Event


Both the Heck of the North 100 and Heck of the North 50 will have there own midway checkpoints. Each will be supplied with Honey Stinger Waffles, water and the usual calories to help keep you rolling. Both courses are remote and neither offer any other place to refuel (convenient store or gas station.) Plan accordingly!

Navigation will be via cue cards. There will be very limited signage on the course. Get used to the way of gravel navigation. See our info about cue cards here. And don’t necessarily trust the fast people. They are usually the first to miss a turn. Trust your cues and odometer.

Outside support from teams, family, friends, sweeties or other is forbidden. Riders ARE allowed to assist other riders if they so choose (nutrition, water, tools, wrenching support, first aid, etc.) Prearranged support will mean disqualification and a public shaming TBD. Thanks for sticking to the rules.

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