Heck of the North 100/50 Routes and Some Thoughts on what The Heck is in the World of Gravel Cycling


We are so proud to announce newly designed courses for this year’s Heck of the North 100 and 50 mile events. As you know, “The Heck” continually strives to bring the most creative, most challenging and most unique gravel cycling courses to the world of gravel cycling. This year marks a turning point for The Heck of the North.

For 2016, the 100 mile course will NOT venture into the Duluth area. With the help of my favorite Land Commissioner in Lake Co., we were able to design two new courses that put more focus on what we want: wild feeling gravel cycling experiences!

Each course will have a checkpoint with the usual awesome support of volunteers and select nutrition (Skratch Labs, Honey Stinger, water and the usual calories to see you through to the end.)

Some have questioned what kind of event The Heck of the North is. Should I ride a mtn. bike for the rough, rocky two track roads? Should I use my gravel bike with 35 mm plus tires? A fatbike for the grassy trail sections? The Heck is a curious thing. I believe that a gravel bike is still the way to roll. Yes to tires that are at least 35 mm. But a fast 29er will be good, too. And yes, even a fatbike will get you home. I believe that those who are successful at the Heck are focused more on their attitude and sense of adventure than they are on the exact bike that is perfect for the course. Trust me, The Heck will show the world what a person and your bicycle (gravel, 29er or other) are capable of completing if your heart is ready for a challenge.

Stay tuned for details regarding this newly designed Heck of the North event. We take great pride in producing homegrown, thoughtfully sponsored, artistically minded, and beautifully challenging events. Thanks for riding with us again this season.

Jeremy Kershaw