The Course


The Heck Epic is a two day, 200 plus mile (roughly 110 miles first day, 115 second day), bikepacking stage event. The course will be predominately gravel/dirt road…some of them pretty remote and rugged. There will be as little paved road as possible to make things tie together.

Navigation will be via either paper Cue Card (provided by us) or gpx file (also created and provided by us.) The choice is yours.

The course is probably best ridden with a fast 29er or monster cross (a gravel bike with at least 40 mm tires.) A bike such as the Salsa Fargo or Cutthroat is a fine example. There are obviously many great bikes to choose from.

Make sure you have your rig dialed in. Sleeping systems will be mandatory equipment on the bike for both days of the event (whatever it is you choose to spend the night out in Grand Marais…e.g. sleeping bag, tarp, ultra-light tent, bivy sac)

There is decent cell coverage, but as always, be prepared to cover your repairs and bail out plans independently. We will keep track of all riders at the end of each stage.


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