Heck of the North 50 Course


It took me seven years to agree to create a “half” version of The Heck of the North. I did not want to throw together something just to have a “lite” version of the full “Heck.” As gravel cycling grows, though, I have heard and seen the rise of cyclists new to the sport and new to the culture of gravel grinding. I realized it was time to design a route worthy of the Heck name. 2016’s Heck of the North 50 course will be amazing.

The Heck of the North 50 course is challenging. It measures just over 55 miles. It showcases beautiful gravel roads, tough two-track, and some rough and rocky logging roads. There will be times when you wished you had full suspension or a a fatbike. But the way to roll is still with a gravel bike or fast 29er. It will help you realize what you and your gravel bike are capable of overcoming. I love this course. I hope you do, too!

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