Cue Card Primer

This is a cue card. All Heck events (Le Grand du Nord, Heck Epic, and The Heck of the North) use these to guide riders through the course. There are rarely any other event signs, so you must pay close attention to your cues and use a functioning cyclocomputer. Here is how they work:

  • We start at mile 0.0.
  • The numbers on the left side indicate where your mileage should be when there is a turn or something to pay attention to.
  • You are the black dot. Turn according to the arrow.
  • Don’t count on road signs: trust your mileage and cue. Look for other tire prints, but don’t trust the lead group. They often take wrong turns because they’re not paying attention. Finishing first also involves careful navigation.

For easy access, I use a simple office clip, zip tied to my handlebar by the stem. It’s simple, cheap, and lightweight. You can find fancier holders, but this clip has worked for years.

When navigating, remember that all traffic laws apply to you, the cyclist. We do not stop traffic for Heck events. Use caution as if you were a motorist, but please stay far right on the road, especially when climbing blind hills. Assume a car is coming the other direction.

Finally, please do not litter your cue cards! Tuck them back in your pocket, bag or proper waste container. Thanks!


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